New economic players seminar (II): emerging countries | IESIDE

New economic players seminar (II): emerging countries

Modalidad Presencial
Duración 10 h.
Horario Viernes 16.30 a 21.45 h. | sábado 9.00 a 14.15 h.
Campus A Coruña
Idiomas Inglés

Why doing business in emerging countries? What problems are to be faced or how you will benefit from taking the risk of entering these markets? You will approach the strong points of exporting to or investing in China, India and Brazil, and you will be introduced to CIVETS: Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa. Reliable data are key to your decision-taking-process and this seminar will provide you with useful resources. Emerging markets are no longer future decisions, they are current challenges that international companies need to take into account in their international strategy.